Adacia Chambers: OSU Parade Crash Suspect's Family Expresses Sympathy

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Adacia Chambers was held on suspicion of second-degree murder and driving under the influence on Saturday, after she drove into a crowd of onlookers at the Oklahoma State University's homecoming parade. Four people died in the crash and dozens were injured.

The family of Adacia Chambers has spoken out since the crash--both about Chambers and out of sympathy for the families who lost loved ones and sustained injuries as a result of the crash.

"Our hearts go out to those victims. It is a terrible, terrible thing that this happened," Floyd Chambers, Adacia's father, said. "I wouldn't wish this upon anybody. And I can't undo it."

Floyd Chambers went on to say that his daughter was treated for mental illness in 2013, and that "she might have underlying problems that I wasn't fully aware of."

He and other family members are shocked that Adacia Chambers was behind the devastation that took place this past weekend.

"Adacia is a kind, loving, caring person, and she wouldn't have done this purposefully," Floyd Chambers said.

"I know the little girl I raised wouldn't have done something like this intentionally," Chambers said. "I raised my kids to be Christian people and to keep family and God close to their heart."

Chambers' father also doesn't believe she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the crash.

"I'm not going to believe that until they show me proof," he said.

Adacia Chambers' toxicology results are pending, according to Stillwater, Oklahoma police.

Chambers' live in boyfriend was as confused by the crash as her father.

"For her to purposefully go and do something like that would just not be possible," Jesse Gaylord said. "She's one of the kindest, [most] soft-spoken people you'll ever meet."

"There's no way she was drunk or impaired," he added. "She's just not that kind of person."

Stillwater police are still investigating the crash that killed three adults and a two-year-old boy.

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