Eva Mendes Dodges Pregnancy Rumors


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Is Eva Mendes Pregnant?

Rumors have been flying around claiming that actress Eva Mendes is in fact with child.

The rumors started when the 39-year-old went through security at the LAX Airport in L.A. and refused to go through a body scanner. Immediately people started assuming the only reason The Place Beyond the Pines star wouldn't walk through the body scanner had to do with her hiding a pregnancy.

"She has never gone through the scanners at the airport; she has always elected to be hand-checked instead," her rep said.

And apparently Mendes never mentioned anything about being pregnant while going through security. So it seems this whole tale of the actress being pregnant was only caused by mere speculations.

Despite what the rumors were claiming, the beauty did not appear pregnant. The star stood tall and slender, showing no sign of extra baby weight. She looked beautiful as ever with her hair tied up and almost no makeup on. She also sported animal print pants and heels, complete with absolutely no visible baby bump.

So what is Mendes up to these days-aside from dodging pregnancy rumors? Well it seems she's been keeping to herself and keeping her romance with Ryan Gosling extremely hush-hush. Apparently the gorgeous couple have kept their romance pretty secretive. The duo has done a good job keeping things under wraps considering the Pines co-stars have rarely been photographed together.

Hmmm...Wonder if they just like their privacy or happened to split? We sure hope not!

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