Abigail Hernandez: What Did She Endure?

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When Abigail Hernandez was finally able to return home safely after being gone for nine months, it was a relief for her family.

Still questions remain as to what happened to her during that window of time.

It was recently revealed through attorney Michael Coyne that Hernandez was “violently abducted by a stranger”.

She was last seen on October 9th, 2013 as she was leaving school to return home.

Coyne said that the 15-year-old (she was 14 when first kidnapped), endured “numerous acts of unspeakable violence”.

Because it was not known exactly what happened to her, there were numerous theories as to why she disappeared.

There were rumors claiming Hernandez ran away from home. Some even accused the teen of making the entire abduction scenario up to avoid getting into trouble.

“[T]he real concern is that there's been [...] a lot of hurtful accusations,” said Coyne. “[Hernandez has] got enough to deal with presently physically and emotionally.”

The attorney shared this in a statement posted at Bring Abby Home, a support page created for the teen when she was missing. It was an attempt to clear the air with regard to what she has endured during her time away from home.

34-year-old Nathaniel Kibby was arrested and charged for kidnapping Hernandez, but very little beyond this accusation has been shared with the public.

It was initially believed that more information would be provided this week, but the probable cause hearing has since been pushed back to September.

As concerned members of the public continue to wonder exactly what happened to Hernandez and why, her lawyer has only hinted at the amount of trauma she is believed to have endured.

Said Coyne, “As the justice system moves forward, and the evidence is revealed, questions about this horrific event will be answered.”

The attorney also said that Abby Hernandez needs “time and space to physically and emotionally heal.”

It will no doubt be a long road, but she has the full support of her family and community.

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