Aaron Paul's Xbox One Ad Is Inadvertently Turning on People's Consoles

Josh WolfordIT Management

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The thing about have voice control systems that are always on is, well, they're always on. If they weren't, then saying something like "Xbox on!" wouldn't really do anything.

Apparently, this handy feature is causing some issues for some Xbox One owners. According to multiple reports and a boatload of Twitter confirmations, Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame is inadvertently powering up people's consoles with his new ad. You know the one, right? Where he begins the ad by demonstrating the Kinect-powered voice controls?

I guess the Xbox One is really always listening, and it's picking up on that "Xbox on!" command. Take a look:

As many Twitter users have pointed out, this is quite the first world problem. If the worst thing that happens to you today is your Xbox accidentally turns on, you've got it pretty good.

I mean, you could be a meth addict that found himself in a situation her could no longer control, being manipulated at every turn by a man who's basically getting more evil by the second. That would be a rough predicament.

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