Aaron Paul Launches Yo, BITCH App for Jesse Pinkman-Style Messaging

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Yo, the app that totally revolutionized vague messaging, man, by letting users send out the word "Yo" to their friends, was always missing that extra spark. Thankfully, Breaking Bad's own Jesse Pinkman has done his part to remedy that.

Aaron Paul has just launched a new iOS app called Yo BITCH (stylized as YB in the App Store because Apple is puritanical like that), It's a sparse messaging app that lets users send each other various BITCH-dependent greetings and replies – in Aaron Paul's voice.

With one tap, you can send your friend a Yo, BITCH greeting, or send your wife an I Love You, BITCH. But I'd think long and hard about it first. Wouldn't want to end up like this poor reviewer:

Yeah, this app is very fun but very dangerous. I downloaded it and thought, "now this is gonna be great! I can send everyone I've ever loved a beautiful message!" Sad to say, they did not share my sense of humor nor did they appreciate my deeds. Now, my friends aren't speaking to me, my relatives have blocked me and my ex boyfriend called the police on me for "harassment". So, a few hours and 5k of bail money gone, here we are.

Like a big sack of blue sky, it's recommended that you be extra careful with Yo, BITCH. Sure, it's fun at first, but soon you're calling your mom a bitch and buying additional phrase packs. Proceed with caution.

Android users can expect the app within a few months.

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