Aaron Hernandez Takes The Stand, Faces Murder Charge


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Aaron Hernandez was arrested in June on a count of first degree murder. He finally took the stand for the crime on Wednesday, October 9th, and was questioned about a possible conflict of interest between lawyers on the case. Hernandez was initially asked questions for the judge, including some basic questions about himself such as his name and profession.
Hernandez is a former tight end and star player for the New England Patriots. He had a very successful run with the team before his arrest in June, and in his three seasons with the team, he scored 18 touchdowns and gained 1,956 yards. If he is found guilty of first-degree murder, he will face life in prison with no chance of parole.

There is a conflict of interest in the case, as there often seems to be in high profile murder charges like Hernandez's. Since he was a big NFL star at the time of the charge, the case was all over ESPN and other sports networks, making it virtually impossible for someone to have avoided the case by now. Additionally, the Bristol County prosecutor in the case is Patrick Bomberg, and Bromberg's wife works at the law firm that is defending Hernandez. Hernandez is represented by Michael Fee, and has said that he wants to keep him as his lawyer, despite his connection with the case, although Bristol County prosecutors do want the judge removed from the case.

Prosecutors say that they want the judge off of the case because of a bias that she would have. Assistant District Attorney William M. McCauley said that Judge Susan Garsh had picked on him unfairly in a previous case. Fee said Patrick Bomberg's wife works in a different part of the Ropes and Gray firm, and he only has occassional contact with her. There have also been extra steps taken to make sure that his wife will not have access to defense documents.

The hearing took place in Fall River Superior Court yesterday, when Hernandez submitted himself to a series of "yes" or "no" questions. He was indicted in August in the shooting death of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, who was from Dorchester. He was dating Hernandez's girlfriend's sister at the time. Four others, including his girlfriend and cousin, are also facing charges in the case.

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