Aaron Hernandez Loses Endorsement Amid Murder Probe


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No news has been good news for Aaron Hernandez over the past 24 hours. Despite days of “arrest warrant forthcoming”-type headlines, the former Florida Gator and current New England Patriots tight end remains a free man.

But the ongoing murder investigation that has swirled around Hernandez the past few days is starting to hit his bottom line.

CytoSport, makers of Muscle Milk and other athletic nutrition supplements, has officially ended its relationship with Hernandez.

Hernandez is currently being investigated in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd, 27, who was found shot dead about a mile from Hernandez’s home in North Attleboro, Mass. Lloyd, a semi-professional football player and friend of Hernandez’s, and the Patriot’s star had been out on the town together the evening of Lloyd’s death.

Once he was identified as a person of interest in the murder investigation, Hernandez allegedly smashed his cell phone and home security system. He also brought a team of cleaners into his home before police could search the premises. Police have now visited Hernandez’s home multiple times.

Hernandez was one of several players cited in a 2012 Sporting News article about rampant behavioral problems during former University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer's tenure. Prior to the 2010 NFL Draft, Hernandez’s admission that he’d failed multiple drug tests while at Florida damaged his draft stock.