Aaron Bond Booted From School for Hacking

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Aaron Bond, last year heralded as Europe's youngest smartphone app developer, has been expelled from school for hacking into its computer system.


Bond, who was among hand-picked delegates at the Apple conference last year, has been permanently expelled from King Edward VI College in Totnes, after getting caught accessing confidential information on the school's computer system. The information included the financial records of the school's vice principal, and Bond also went ahead and edited the school's newsletter, and made changes to its IT room booking system.

Police were called in and took fingerprints and DNA samples (?) from the teen as evidence. School principal Kate Mason, located in Devon in southwest England, deemed the expulsion to be appropriate, stating "we excluded him in accordance with the serious nature of the offense and the college's behavior policy and acceptable user policy, which he had signed." Aaron's comment on the matter was “I am very sorry and if I had known the consequences I never would have done it.”

Aaron's mother chimed in, wondering how a 14-year-old can hack a computer system - "the security of the school computer system should be a lot better. A 14-year-old should not be able to hack in. I don’t see why they can’t give him a second chance.” Apparently, she is not aware that Aaron is atypical of an average middle school computer user.

So far, Bond has designed 6 iPhone apps, the first being the game "Spud Run," released last year. he began designing websites at 6, and is looking to enter college early to further develop his skills. Perhaps the school should've just asked him to point out the flaws in its computer security system after the hacking, and given him a warning.

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