A Lego Lord of the Rings Game is in the Pipeline

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In this-makes-me-more-excited-than-it-probably-should news, it looks like The Lord of the Rings movie franchise is getting its own Lego game.

You know the Lego games, right? Those charming little quests from developer Traveller's Tales that use classic stories and films as their backdrop and Legos as their design inspiration. In the past, we've seen Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, and even Lego Harry Potter (my personal favorite of the bunch).

But it's probably safe to say that Lego Lord of the Rings would be the most epic of the lot.

According to MCV, it's an upcoming line of Lord of the Rings-themed Lego toys that tipped us off to the upcoming game. Apparently, toy reviewers that received version of the toy set have found promotional packing that included mentions of the new game. According to those promos, Warner Bros will release the game later in 2012.

MCV suggest that the unveiling will take place on or around E3.

GameSpot stumbled upon a UK retailer called ShopTo's product page featuring the upcoming title. According to that, the game will hit shelves on October 26th. ShopTo has since pulled the listing, but you can check it out via Google cache. The listing doesn't provide any additional info other than the release date (the box art is a mock-up placeholder).

Being a guy that usually opts for the Skyrim, Battlefield, and Madden types of games, I must say that I've thoroughly enjoyed every Lego game that I've played. The Lord of the Rings Lego game should be no exception.

Of course, a new Lego toy set and video game isn't the only big thing happening in the Tolkien realm this year. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is set to hit theaters on December 14th. And you know I can't resist another excuse to embed this trailer...

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