A Kickstarter Project To Buy Kickstarter

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By now we all know how kickstarter works. You submit an idea or invention and you post how much money it would cost to make. Anyone can then pledge to donate money, if the target is reached, then the money gets payed out, if the target is not reached, then the project gets none of the money. So kind of an all or nothing proposition.

Well now, after some fairly recent and successful projects have happened, we have comedian Eric Moneypenny putting up a project to buy Kickstarter. He used an online calculator to determine the websites value at $19 million. This is what he had to say on Kickstarter about his project:

"Hi, my name is Eric Moneypenny. I would like to raise money to buy Kickstarter. WorthOfWeb.com estimates Kickstarter's worth at 18.6 million dollars. Therefore, I estimate that I will need at least 19,000,000 to make this happen."

There are also some "pledge prizes" he is offering:

$10 OR MORE: I will give you a free Kickstarter account to launch your projects.
$100 OR MORE: I will personally autograph your Kickstarter.
$2,000 OR MORE: I will help fund your Web Series.
$5,000 OR MORE: I will help make your indie movie. You deserve to be a star, and will probably go to a ton of festivals, where you will win many awards.
$10,000 OR MORE: Pizza Party! With me, Eric Moneypenny, the new owner and CEO of Kickstarter.

I guess it is up to you to decide if these "pledge prizes" are worth your money. The Kickstarter project has not yet gone live at this time.

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