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Curious about which smartphone to buy? Can't decide between the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy Nexus(sorry, Blackberry, I'm still a fan, but unfortunately, your phone isn't "trendy")? Or do you have your mind set on one, but perhaps some new information could sway you to another device? If so, we have the perfect comparison chart for you.

The post responsible for the chart, hat-tip to ThisIsMyNext.com, takes an incredibly thorough look at the Android's Galaxy Nexus and the recently-launched iPhone 4s, among other devices. If performance is your thing, the Galaxy Nexus wins. Of course, people don't just by devices for performance, they buy them because of trends, and as long as that remains apart of the consumer conscience, the iPhone will remain a beast.

Here's a look at the chart. Be sure to click for a larger version of it, because there is a great deal of specification information contained within:

Smartphone Comparison

If, after looking at all that information, you are still having a hard time deciding between the two -- the Nexus has a 1.2 gigahertz processor, the iPhone 4s has a 800 megahertz -- then go with your gut. Or you could simply refer to this chart over and over again until a decision comes to you.

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