A Handy Guide To Playing Google Bob Moog Doodle

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The synthesizer doodle is all the rage today. Even Reddit is getting in on the fun with its "Everyone On Google Today" thread. You can probably imagine where that link goes--if you guessed an animated gif derivative of Keyboard Cat, you're on the right track. As people everywhere are trying to flex their synthesizer skills on, perhaps a guide on how to get the best sound out of a Moog Synthesizer would be prudent.

With that in mind, MoogMusic.com, via GeekoSystem, has provided a Moog Doodle Synthesizer guide explaining what kind of sound those knobs provide. Considering the incredible amount of options the current Google Doodle has, this isn't a bad idea at all. Take a look and see if it helps:

Moog Synthesizer Guide
Click for full-sized image

As you can see, each dial and knob has a specific purpose, or, well, sound, and you can tweak them as necessary. For those of you who can't read the help text on the image, here it is in blockquote form, courtesy of a Moog PDF:


  • Click any key on the Doodle Synth to control its keys from your computer keyboard
  • Click and drag the Filter Cutoff knob up and down to create new sounds.
  • Slightly changing the frequency of Oscillator 2 will add movement and energy to your sound.
  • Add some personality to the Moog Doodle sound by changing Oscillator wave-shapes.
  • In other news, it would be fantastic if Adobe would ever address the copy and paste issues that continue to plague the PDF format. It shouldn't be that hard, folks. Moving on. If the guide and PDF aren't enough, they also created an instructional video for you to use:

    Now get out there and make some beautiful music. For those of you who have actually recorded a song, or something similar, from the latest Google Doodle, let us know about it.

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