A Guy Glues The iPhone 5 To The Ground, Hilarity Ensues

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The iPhone 5 is now available at retailers in select countries around the world. Unfortunately, some countries will be getting their iPhone 5 next week instead of today. One of those countries is the Netherlands, but a team from iPhone5.nl got their hands on the device a week early. So, what does a person do with the first iPhone 5 in the Netherlands? You play a prank on the busiest street in Amsterdam.

Here's how the prank went down: They applied super glue to the face of the iPhone 5. They then stuck it to the center of the road on one of the busiest foot traffic areas in the city. Hundreds of people were bound to come upon it, and they would obviously try to snatch it away before anybody else can. The super glue makes sure that doesn't happen.

Despite ruining the first iPhone 5 in the country, it's definitely one hell of a prank and marketing stunt. It reminds me of Yahoo's crazy talking mailbox from earlier this year that gave away free prizes to random people. Both stunts received some great reactions that would be right at home on Candid Camera.

The Phone5.nl team should recreate this prank in a large American city like New York or Los Angeles. The people were respectful in the Netherlands and waited their turns to lift the phone off the pavement. It would create absolute chaos in a large American city and possibly lead to some hilarious hijinks.

[h/t: The Next Web]

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