A Game of Thrones Theme Rendition Your Dog Will Love

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Brace yourselves, the direwolves are coming. That's because they probably heard the melodic sounds of these squeaky toys playing the Game of Thrones theme music.

YouTube user advaitnemlekar realized that his dog's toys sounded a lot like some of the elements to the Game of Thrones music and decided that the concept needed to be explored.

My dog was biting on the toys shown in the video and by chance he ended up making a sound which sounded like the game of thrones music.That turned into this.. The audio is indeed recorded on these very toys...from my phone and then auto-tuned to sound like the way it does. Special thanks to my dog 'Simba' for allowing me to use his toys for this video.

The final product, while not as epic as the Game of Thrones floppy drive remake, is pretty fun. And since that opening music is so incredible, I'll most likely never tire of hearing it covered in interesting ways.

Check it out below:

The season two finale airs on Sunday night at 9pm EST, and I can hardly contain my excitement. It's been an astounding season and last week's penultimate episode set things up for a remarkable finish.

Below I've included the preview of that episode for you. You better watch it here instead of seeking it out on YouTube, as some readers of the book series have taken it upon themselves to be total asshats and litter the comments with spoilers.

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