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A Conservative Take On The Democratic Debate

Here are some random thoughts from a conservative perspective on the CNN Facebook Democratic Debate. Later, we will present a viewpoint from a liberal. To start with Sheryl Crow did a horrible renditi...
A Conservative Take On The Democratic Debate
Written by Staff
  • Here are some random thoughts from a conservative perspective on the CNN Facebook Democratic Debate. Later, we will present a viewpoint from a liberal.

    To start with Sheryl Crow did a horrible rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Clearly, she didn’t practice.

    For a party that’s so “diverse” it’s really interesting to see five white people debating for their presidential nomination.

    CNN looks to be doing a commercial for Democrats playing a highly produced Barack Obama video that was designed for the audience in the room, but CNN conveniently played it for their worldwide audience too. Democrats love Obama and so does CNN! Thanks for making it clear!

    It’s interesting that the debate is being held at the Wynn Casino where Steve Wynn is a well known Republican and Libertarian. Hope the lights stay on!

    Democrats love buzz words like civil liberties, racial relations, climate change, inequality and top one percent.

    Lincoln Chafe said he’s never had scandal in his 30 years of public service which evoked laughter in the room, obviously targeted toward Hillary Clinton’s many scandals.

    You get the feeling that the audience in the room is wondering who Jim Webb is. It’s funny because Jim Webb is the only rational one up there.

    It’s clear that the candidates are all scrambling to prove that they are the most leftist.

    Martin O’Malley said, “We elected a president, not a magician. There is urgent work to be done right now. Our middle class is shrinking and our poor are becoming poorer. We need leadership and we need action”. This is a complete slam against Obama. Slightly surprising.

    They love climate change. They clearly think it is the most pressing issue in America. Unfortunately for them, it’s a very minor issue as far as the American public is concerned. According to Gallop climate change is not even a top ten issue with Americans. It’s so irritating that CNN or any of the candidates never mentions that the climate data has been fiddled with relentlessly to prove the theory. The thing is to Democrats climate change simply fits in with their overall strategy of attacking American corporations and growth. It fits their agenda so it’s therefore true. Yay! (Sarcasm alert)

    Bernie Sanders looks like the oldest man to ever run for president. He makes Ronald Reagan look like a teenager. Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, is very predictable, attack the top 1 percent, climate change is real, government funding of political campaigns and of course pay no one less than $15 per hour… ever. Ever! But of course he wants more jobs. Ha Ha.

    Sanders says what this campaign is about is to mobilize our people to take this government back. The only problem is he would have to be taking it back from Obama and the liberal courts and liberal media and the liberal education system and the liberal government bureaucracy and the liberal big city political machines, etc… Silly and childish. Please democrats, make Bernie your nominee!

    Hillary is the most poised but she’s also the most blatantly political. She says anything and will do anything to keep in favor politically.

    At one hour in CNN hasn’t mentioned Hillary’s email scandal. Predictable.

    Hillary wants paid family leave for all families, meaning that she wants companies to be forced to pay for male employees to stay home with their wife and new born children. But she wants new jobs. I guess those will come from employers having to hire new people to man positions when other male employees are on family leave. But how will companies magically have more money for this? Oh, that’s a question CNN forgot to ask.

    Hillary just said that she has been very consistent on policies her entire life… to literal silence in the room. LOL!

    She was asked by the moderator if she changed her political identity depending on who she was talking to. She gave Anderson Cooper the angriest stare possible!

    Hillary said she is a progressive, not a moderate… to loud applause from the other socialists in the room.

    Bernie was asked if a socialist can win an election in the United States. He has no answer so Bernie proceeds to define down what a Democrat socialist is. Cooper responds that a Republican attack ad in a general election writes itself. A very good line that the eventual Republican candidate should remember. He said you supported the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, you honeymooned in Russia and just this weekend you said you are not a capitalist. Wow!

    Democrats say they want to support small and medium sized businesses, yet they want more regulation, they love the trial attorney and they want paid family leave to be forced on businesses… not to mention the ObamaCare fiasco. Their policies are directly opposed to business growth, small or big!

    O’Malley several times looked like he was about to cry when reflecting on various family tragedies. I’m not sure we are ready for a crier as president.

    Democrats simply can’t come to grip with the fact that their voter base has a high crime rate. It’s mostly crime against themselves. It’s not caused by Republican’s or the police or the rich. It’s caused by people who aren’t working and who are sitting idle while receiving numerous benefits that come to them from Democrat supported programs. Then when the police have to arrest people to protect the community the police themselves are blamed as the problem. This is circular logic to say the least and anyone who can’t see the BS is not worthy of serious consideration for high office.

    Webb slams affirmative action for non African Americans. He says it was put in place for descendants of slavery and other people of color should not qualify and if they do qualify then we should include poor white’s in the Appalachians. Good blunt talk there!

    The Democrats want to kill the gun industry and the 2nd Amendment in the process. Hillary wants to be the most leftist on the gun issue by supporting a bill to allow manufacturers and ordinary gun shops to be sued if one of their guns is used in a crime. Wow. That would kill gun ownership in America because guns manufacturers and gun stores would be put out of business buried in lawsuits.

    O’Malley, the crier, has no chance of being elected.

    Bernie looked a bit elderly in one of his answers about foreign policy. He was supposed to be responding to what Webb said about China and started rambling about Putin, seeming out of place and in a daze before eventually gathering himself.

    Cooper is asking about Benghazi, with no mention of the huge scandal with Hillary and the entire Obama Administration faking that a video caused a random attack on our embassy killing our Ambassador when in fact they lied for political reasons during a political campaign. Way to go CNN, you have officially earned your Communist News Network stripes! And where are the questions about Hillary’s lying about her emails?

    Finally 2 hours in CNN asks a question about Hillary’s email scandal and she predicatably blames it on politics. When Anderson presses… oh wait he didn’t press… because she’s the likely Democratic nominee… and that would not be very nice to the person he and almost everyone at CNN are voting for. Climate change, let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about anything. Just not scandal. Just pretend like we talked about it. That’s the ticket!

    O’Malley joins in and surprise… supports not talking anymore about the email scandal to a standing ovation in the audience. Bernie joins in too! CNN agrees. Boy are those pesky Democrats dumb.

    That pretty much was it. Feel free to disagree in the comments.

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