A Concise Explanation of Hangovers, Why You Get Them, and Why You're Screwed [VIDEO]

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Awaking with a massive hangover is one of life's greatest leveling moments. Everyone (who drinks) knows the feeling, and it reduces nearly everyone to a slow, miserable, couch-bound, stinking mess.

In my early days of partying a bit too hard, a friend (former) once told me that a shot of heavy cream followed by a shot of vinegar would fix me right up. He was wrong. He's also a jerk.

Nope, hangovers happen for three reasons, which are concisely explained in the following video. And once it sets in, the only thing you can do is ride it out. And drink a few Gatorades. Maybe watch a Mythbusters marathon. Definitely eat some bacon.

Josh Wolford
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