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A Comprehensive Look at Those For and Against SOPA

There have been a number of lists discussing which entities support and oppose the oft-discussed protection acts making their way through the houses of the U.S. Government. While there are two, the mo...
A Comprehensive Look at Those For and Against SOPA
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  • There have been a number of lists discussing which entities support and oppose the oft-discussed protection acts making their way through the houses of the U.S. Government. While there are two, the most famous to the duo is H.R.3261, otherwise known as Stop Online Piracy Act, aka, SOPA, of course.

    Thanks to the OpenCongress watchdog site, we now have, if not the most comprehensive list of SOPA supporters and its opponents, something awfully close to that goal. The list is impressive on both sides of the coin — literally and figuratively — because let’s not be mistaken into thinking money doesn’t play a role here, because it does.

    A very large one, as a matter of fact.

    There has been over 10 million dollars spent on donations to representatives and senators — on both sides of the argument — as the grease is clearly being applied to the wheels of government. Oddly enough, Lamar Smith’s name appears nowhere in OpenCongress’ document, at least as far as donations are concerned.

    Other oddities include nothing but Democrats in relation to those officials opposing SOPA; however, there are also two Democrats who support SOPA, one of which being Nancy Pelosi. For her support of the bill, Pelosi received $250,050. That being said, Pelosi was not the highest paid Democrat with the largest donation tied to SOPA support.

    That honor falls to Senator Harry Reid (Nevada), who received $1,383,541 for his time. Another Democrat, Senator Charles Schumer of New York, received donations totaling $1,049,215. The highest-paid Republican was Senator Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania, whose donations totaled $1,116,789. As for the supporting side, the highest-paid opponent of SOPA was Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, with $1,320,304. It should be noted Bennet was the only opponent receiving over 1 million dollars in donation totals.

    Does this mean the right choice is to ultimately support SOPA since both Democrats and Republicans are “crossing the aisle” to show their support, or does this mean there’s more money in supporting SOPA. As for the companies that support and oppose SOPA, here’s the comprehensive list of both parties, staring with the supporters:

    Specific Organizations Supporting H.R.3261

    • AFL-CIO
    • Motion Picture Association of America
    • Independent Film & Television Alliance
    • National Association of Theatre Owners
    • Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc.,
    • National Music Publishers’ Association
    • American Federation of Musicians
    • Directors Guild of America
    • International Brotherhood of Teamsters
    • Screen Actors Guild
    • National Cable & Telecommunications Association
    • Recording Industry Association of America
    • Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies
    • Comcast
    • NBC Universal
    • Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
    • National Association of Manufacturers
    • Concerned Women for America
    • Viacom
    • National Criminal Justice Association
    • National District Attorneys Association
    • Council of State Governments
    • International Trademark Association
    • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
    • International Association of Fire Fighters
    • U. S. Chamber of Commerce
    • Americans for Tax Reform
    • Let Freedom Ring
    • National Football League
    • Pfizer
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • Outdoor Industry Association
    • National Electrical Manufacturers Association
    • Association of American Publishers
    • Ford Motor Company
    • Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
    • Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
    • News Corporation
    • Walt Disney Company
    • Society of Plastics Industry
    • Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council
    • Software & Information Industry Association
    • Entertainment Software Association
    • American Association of Independent Music
    • Eli Lilly and Company
    • Merck
    • Specialty Equipment Market Association
    • Xerox Corporation
    • Universal Music Group Inc.
    • Walmart
    • Dow Chemical
    • Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
    • Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
    • Warner Music Group
    • Major League Baseball
    • National Confectioners Association
    • Estee Lauder Companies
    • Sony Pictures Entertainment
    • CBS Corporation
    • National Basketball Association
    • The Walt Disney Company
    • Greeting Card Association
    • Advanced Medical Technology Association
    • Beam Global Spirits &Wine
    • Sony Music Entertainment
    • Adidas America
    • Acushnet Company
    • ABRO Industries, Inc.
    • 1-800-PetMeds
    • 1-800 Contacts, Inc.
    • Blue Sky Studios, Inc.
    • Bose Corporation
    • Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
    • Burberry
    • Electronic Components Industry Association
    • HarperCollins Publishers
    • Kekepana International Services
    • LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton
    • Nike, Inc.
    • Nintendo
    • Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.
    • Timberland Company
    • Tiffany & Co.
    • Time Warner
    • Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Association
    • 3M Company
    • National Retail Federation
    • Retail Industry Leaders Association
    • Viacom
    • Philip Morris International
    • National Association of Broadcasters

    The opponents:

    Specific Organizations Opposing H.R.3261

    • Creators’ Freedom Project
    • Engine Advocacy
    • 4chan
    • Boing Boing
    • Creative Commons
    • Daily Kos
    • Disqus
    • Grooveshark
    • Hype Machine
    • Kickstarter
    • MetaFilter
    • O’Reilly Radar
    • Techdirt
    • Torrentfreak
    • NetCoalition
    • Consumer Electronics Association
    • Computer and Communications Industry Association
    • Public Knowledge
    • Electronic Frontier Foundation
    • Open Internet Coalition
    • Bloomberg
    • Google
    • Yahoo
    • Center for Democracy & Technology
    • Business Software Alliance
    • Twitter
    • Zynga
    • Facebook
    • AOL
    • Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape and Andreessen Horowitz
    • Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google
    • Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square
    • Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr and Hunch
    • David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo!
    • Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn
    • Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post
    • Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube
    • Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive and co-founder of Alexa Internet
    • Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal
    • Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist
    • Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay
    • Biz Stone, co-founder of Obvious and Twitter
    • Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation
    • Evan Williams, co-founder of Blogger and Twitter
    • Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo!
    • Progressive Change Campaign Committee
    • Tumblr
    • Mozilla
    • Union Square Ventures
    • MoveOn
    • Wikimedia Foundation
    • eBay
    • Reddit
    • American Civil Liberties Union
    • Consumers Union
    • American Library Association
    • Computer & Communications Industry Association
    • Human Rights First
    • Consumer Federation of America
    • Human Rights Watch
    • Microsoft
    • United States Student Association
    • Irregular Times
    • TechNet
    • Information Technology Industry Council
    • Association of Research Libraries
    • Entertainment Consumers Assocation
    • Writers Guild of America, West
    • Reporters Without Borders
    • Freedom House
    • Association of College and Research Libraries
    • Competitive Enterprise Institute
    • TechAmerica
    • TechFreedom
    • Demand Progress
    • U.S. Public Interest Group
    • Internews
    • New America Foundation’s Open Technology Initiative
    • Center for Media Justice
    • Center for Rural Strategies
    • Brookings Institute
    • American Society of News Editors
    • Benetech

    And now you know which companies to give your support to. It should also be noted that there are more interest groups — not companies — supporting SOPA than there are opponents. While the supporters include such groups as the auto repair, teamsters, jewelry and building trades union interest groups, the opponents are much more concentrated:

    • Online computer services
    • Computer manufacture & services
    • Data processing & computer services
    • Venture capital
    • Democratic/Liberal
    • Human Rights
    • Non-profit foundations
    • Non-Profits
    • Education

    Does this sway your view of the protection acts, specifically SOPA, or does it help you focus your desires to reject these acts and all that they stand for? Let us know what you think.

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