A Charlie Brown Christmas And Other Peanuts Books Will Soon Be Available As eBooks


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It's almost Christmas which means that you've probably watched A Charlie Brown Christmas about 20 times already. It's a holiday classic for sure, but the book isn't half bad either. It and a number of other Peanuts printed works will soon be available on the digital devices you'll undoubtedly get for Christmas.

Peanuts Worldwide and Graphicly announced today that the library of Peanuts children's books and comic strips will be available as eBooks on iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Kobo Reader, Google Play Books and other eBook retailers. Over 60 titles will be available at launch with A Charlie Brown Christmas leading the pack. Other titles include Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown and the complete Peanuts newspaper strip archives.

“For years, publishers have waited like Linus in the pumpkin patch for an integrated, simple and cost-effective way to convert, distribute and promote digital and interactive books. We are excited to partner with Peanuts Worldwide to help make the rich history of Peanuts available to readers everywhere,” said Micah Baldwin, CEO and Founder of Graphicly.

This is actually the best time for Peanuts to go digital as more and more children are starting to own tablets. The eBooks format ensures that a whole new generation of children can enjoy stories of Charlie Brown never winning at life. If that's too heavy, kids can enjoy the simpler tales of Snoopy being an all around badass. There's a little something for everyone which may be why Peanuts is still so endearing after all these years.