93-year-old Woman Shot: Officer Had Previous Charges

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93-year-old Pearlie Golden was fatally shot Tuesday by Hearne, TX policeman, Officer Steven Stem. That investigation remains open. And complicated.

Early reports indicate that Pearlie, known by her friends and neighbors as Ms. Sully, was brandishing a gun and refused to put it down.

What she was doing with it could be anyone's guess, but there are reports out there that a nephew had called 911 earlier in the day because he tried to take her car keys away from her after the Texas Department of Public Safety refused to renew Pearlie’s driver’s license.

Stem was responding to a 911 call about a woman with a gun when he shot and killed Pearlie Golden.

"What we believe is that she was instructed to drop the weapon, that is my understanding." said City attorney Bryan Russ Jr.

Officer Stem is, unfortunately, not new to this kind of situation. In December 2012, Stem fatally shot Waymon Webster's cousin, Tederalle Satchell. Stem was eventually cleared by the grand jury, but the resentment is still there.

"What are they going to do, let him go, so he can smile and hold another pistol? You know what I mean? It's not right." said Webster.

Andrew Washington lived nearby and was working in his backyard when he heard five shots ring through the neighborhood. "I didn't think much of it, because I was thinking it was on the other street," said Washington. After that he heard someone shout "Don't shoot her no more!"

Perhaps the grand jury will look a little closer at a second case, but that doesn't bring Ms. Sully back to life and the community is now doing its best to mourn the loss of a beloved "mother" figure. Neighbors and those who loved her are shocked at her death.

Neighbors recalled how every child was Ms. Sully's child in her eyes. "I mean, you were away from home, but you couldn't do no wrong," said Philip Dixon. "Because if she saw you, she was going to tell momma on you, and you were going to get a whoopin'."

Joyce O'Neil was a friend of Pearlie's for over fifty years. "It's hard. You can look in my face and see." she said. "She'd come over and sit on the patio. We'd sit on the patio all the time. I'm going to miss her."

As this communtiy heals from tragedy, hopefully some big questions can be answered.

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