8 Year Old Hardcore Girl > Rebecca Black

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If Rebecca Black's first video had this much effort, class, and style, it's doubtful she'd be the laughing stock of the YouTube nation. Sure, Black took that attention, both the negative and positive, and capitalized off of it, but she's still something of a punchline instead of a respected artist.

I doubt the same will be true for Juliet, the 8 year old from Australia who shows the world she can rock out with the best of them, regardless of her youthful age. While Juliet may not hit the viral status Rebecca Black had, she's driving in the same neighborhood, already amassing over four million views since the video was posted yesterday, January 19, 2012.

Another thing that separates the younger Juliet from Miss Black is the fact people seem to like her song. As of this posting, "My First Hardcore Song" has over 61,000 likes and under 3000 dislikes. Contrast that to Black's "Friday," which has over 100,000 likes, but almost half a million dislikes. In fact, one could argue Black's popularity was based on how horrible her debut song was, regardless of her immaturity.

Juliet is much younger, and while her subject matter may be largely restricted to the affection she feels for her pets, she didn't just present it in a sugary, disposable pop music format. No, instead, Juliet elected to go hardcore, and with the help of producer Rob Sharpe, we get the following gem:

If you're really feeling Juliet's work, you can let people know by buying one of her t-shirts. As for the song, it will soon be available on iTunes. Until then, however, you can enjoy the YouTube as much as you'd like.