70 Foot Mobile Home Stolen From Parking Lot


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A thief stole a 70-foot-long mobile home from a diner parking lot in Hampton, New York on September 23. The owner had staged the trailer at The Big Apple Diner, awaiting a police escort to Vermont - Vermont requires police escorts for transportation of mobile homes.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office said that the mobile home was sitting on a trailer, when owner had to get emergency surgery. It was left sitting for a few weeks, unsecured, which is a common practice in the particular parking lot. When the owner returned, the $50,000 trailer was gone. A witness said someone came along and hitched their truck to it at about 5 PM, and took off, heading toward Vermont.

One would think stealing a trailer in itself would be brazen enough, but wouldn't a thief be concerned about police noticing no police escort while driving it into Vermont?

The owner of the trailer, who'd purchased the home through the federal government, has offered a $2,500 reward for information on its whereabouts. Washington County sheriff’s Senior Investigator Bruce Hamilton said the mobile home had been used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The missing home is described as a 2009 Pine Grove series GH016-496. It measures 16 feet wide and 70 feet long, and is tan in color. It features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, central air and some furniture inside.

Anyone with information on the mobile home can call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 518-747-4623.

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Image via The Glens Falls Post-Star.