7-Year Old Singer Missing Teeth, But Not Soul

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It's extremely difficult for most of the Earth's population to pull off a Billie Holiday song, but there's one 7-year old in Norway who does it and makes it look easy.

Angelina Jordan Astar appeared on "Norway's Got Talent" recently and moved the judges to tears with her rendition of "Gloomy Sunday", made famous by Holiday in the early 1940's.

"The reason I chose this song is totally random. I love jazz, but "Gloomy Sunday" was accidental. It was a night I could not sleep and my mom was stressed that I was awake long after midnight. Then I borrowed mum's iPad where I would listen to jazz on YouTube before I fell asleep. Then came a picture of a beautiful lady screaming at the sky and closed eyes. I am talking about jazz queen Billie Holiday," she said in an interview. "I heard the song "Glommy Sunday" that night and then I had to hear it every day. I love the melody. I understood very well what the text was about for I speak English. Every time I sang it, I felt something special about it, it's hard to explain in words. When I sang it for my mom, she said that this song is nice, but it was incredibly sad song."

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