$7 Million Shoplifting Spree: Entire Family Accused

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Shoplifting is a crime that occurs in stores all over the world, everyday. Most of the things that are stolen are small and not worth much money. Occasionally, shoplifters will get brave and take something larger. While most shoplifters are teenagers or young kids, there are some adults who have become career shoplifters and do it often and without getting caught.

A family in a Chicago suburb has been accused of stealing over $7 million dollars worth of items from stores across the country over a span of a decade. The family is accused of shoplifting everything from toys to jewelry and managed to do so without getting caught.

Branko Bogdanov, 58, Lela Bogdanov, 52, and their 34-year-old daughter, Julia Bogdanov were arrested at their $1.3 million dollar home on earlier this week. The family would sell the stolen items out of their home and had several repeat customers who may or may not have been aware that they were buying stolen merchandise. The family also sold more than $690,000 in merchandise through eBay.

The family was able to smuggle the items out of the stores by wearing long, dark and loose-fitting clothing. Several store surveillance videos show Mrs. Bogdanov entering the store in such attire and exiting it looking swollen and bulky.

An investigation into the shoplifting incident was conducted by the United States Secret Service after Barnes and Noble Inc. and Toys R Us Inc. informed the agency that they were missing a lot of merchandise.

The family members could each face up to 10 years in prison for the one count of interstate transportation of stolen property. They will go to court next week for a detention hearing.

How do you think the family was able to shoplift so much for so long without getting caught?

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