7 Babies Found Dead in Utah Home

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In one of the most gruesome stories in recent memory, Utah police have recently discovered the bodies of seven dead infants in a Pleasant Grove, Utah home. One suspect has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder.

According to the Pleasant Grove Police Department, the incident began on April 12 when Pleasant Grove police officers responded to reports of one dead infant at the home. Officers who visited the residence did find one dead infant, enough to secure a search warrant for the property.

Upon a full search of the home, police discovered six more dead infants. According to police, each of the bodies was packed into a separate cardboard boxes and stored within the house's garage.

Following an investigation into the incident, police now believe that each of the infants belonged to one woman. Over a 10-year period the woman is believed to have given birth to the babies and subsequently killed them.

According to a Salt Lake Tribune report, 39-year-old Megan Huntsman has been arrested and jailed on six counts of murder.

The report named Huntsman's ex-husband as the person who called police with a tip about the house and the dead infant. The man was reportedly cleaning out the garage on Saturday when he discovered the dead infant. Though the ex-husband is believed to be the father of the infants, Police are not charging him with a crime at this time.

Neighbors interviewed by the Tribune described Huntsman as a good neighbor. They also reported that the woman was never clearly pregnant, though she had gained and lost weight over the years.

Image via Pleasant Grove Police Department

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