63-Year-Old Twins Found Dead In Tennessee


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The story you are about to read has shocked the residents of Chattanooga Tennessee.

On March 29, police visited the home of 63-year-old twins Andrew and Anthony Johnson after a concerned relative, with a key, asked the police to check on them. What they discovered was sad and disturbing.

Each brother was sitting in their recliner. Doesn't sound too odd right? Let me rephrase that ... each brother's skeleton was sitting in their recliner.

After the discovery of the bodies, they were examined and were believed to have been dead since 2011. There are currently no signs of foul play, which has neighbors even more curious as to what could have happened to the men. Toxicology tests are being performed on the decomposed bodies, and police are not yet speculating on their causes of death.

The question that everyone is asking is why the bodies were not found sooner? The Johnson's neighbors were interviewed and revealed that the twins had always been somewhat on the mysterious side. They said that they didn't interact with anyone in the public, and were occasionally seen working in their garden while wearing surgical masks. "I didn't even know their names," said Linda Maffett, one of the Johnson's neighbors. "It's a strange story, it's a sad story. I think it's sad that they were sitting there that long with nobody checking on them."

A welfare check was conducted by police in 2011, but they saw nothing out of the ordinary and simply thought the house was vacant. Family members told police that the men had lived like hermits for years, and it wouldn't have surprised them if they had moved and not told anyone.

"While this incident is tragic and unfortunate, Andrew and Anthony lived a hermit lifestyle and did not communicate with family or anyone else," a news release from the police read.

Citizens of Chattanooga have been formulating their own theories on what happened to Andrew and Anthony. Some think there may have been a gas leak, while other believe their deaths were from poisoning.

Image via Wikimedia Commons