550 House Cats Cause Israeli Divorce


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Typical marriage vows require a husband and wife be faithful to each other "in sickness and in health, till death do us part." Apparently this does not cover mental illness, as this man in Israel will testify. He divorced his wife this week after she brought 550 pet cats into their home, according to the Times of Israel.

In the divorce filing, he told Rabbinical Court in Beersheba that he couldn't sleep in his bedroom because his bed was covered with cats that refused to sleep on the floor. He also complained that the cats blocked access to the bathroom and kitchen, making it impossible for him to eat, sleep, or sh*t.

On the off chance that he was actually able to fix a meal, the cats would steal the food right off his plate before he had a chance to eat.

The rabbinical court told them to attempt a reconciliation, but the woman refused to give up her cats. Instead, she parted ways with her husband.

"The husband (was) apparently not a cat lover", the Times of Israel said.