50-Foot Snowman Called "Granddaddy" Built By Minnesota Farmer


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It is certainly no surprise to anyone living in the United States that there has been a lot of snow that has fallen in the Midwest, along with many other parts of the country, and in some places that never get snow. Atlanta, for example, has been shutdown multiple times this winter, due to the amount of snow that the city has received.

Places such as Minnesota and Michigan have been continually receiving visits from a phenomenon that has become known as the polar vortex, and as a result, one Minnesota farmer decided to take a large amount of the snow and build a 50-foot snowman.

The snow keeps coming, and with negative temperatures all around the Midwest and East-coast, there are no signs of spring yet in the first week of March.

In addition the recent 50-foot snowman that was made, the Great Lakes have been freezing in different places, creating a rare sight for people to go and see. The shores of Lake Michigan have also been a spot where people can see iice balls, in a size that has not been seen before.

Greg Novak, a farmer from Gilman, Minnesota, took it upon himself to build the massive snowman for people to marvel at. The snowman was built in a farm field, and was given the name Granddaddy, as it may be the biggest snowman ever built. While it may some like a monstrous feat, the residents of Bethel, Maine hold the record for largest snow-person with a height of 122 ft.

He truly built it for the people and wanted to make them happy after such a long, and hard winter, which doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. Novak said "It puts a smile on people's faces. When people smile, you know you've done a good thing."

Novak's big project that concluded with the completion of Granddaddy was finished last week. The 50-foot snowman took almost two weeks, and hundreds of hours of labor by the time that it was finally completed.

The idea originated from troubles that he had earlier this winter, when mounting snow piles had caused a roof collapse on one of his greenhouses. He needed to move large amounts of snow in order to prevent another roof collapse, and what better way to do it than building a giant snowman for people to look at?

Image via Youtube