50 Cent First Pitch FAIL: See The Pics and Video

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50 Cent threw what may be the worst first pitch in history of baseball's first pitches.

You really have to feel for the guy after seeing that pitch before a game between the New York Mets and the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday at City Field. Even Tara the Cat's first throw may have been better considering the challenge the feline faced lacking a much-needed thumb.

One can only imagine the embarrassment for the rapper. It must be every non-baseball player's worst nightmare as they step up to the rubber to throw that pitch.

50 Cent took his turn at the rubber, some 60 feet from home plate. Wearing a Mets jersey with No. 50 and the name Jackson on the back, 50 Cent — whose real name is Curtis Jackson III — wound up and launched a left-handed toss that sailed way wide of Mets catcher Anthony Recker — like way, WAY to the left.

He had a response to the pitch he posted on Instagram along with the caption, "I'm a hustler not a Damn ball player. LMAO #smsaudio #animalambition."

Needless to say, Twitter had its say on the pitch.

It was great to see that 50 Cent could poke fun at himself.

Here's Tara the Cat's first throw, so you all can decide who truly did throw the better first pitch.

Image via YouTube

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