4K TV And Why You Should Probably Wait To Buy One

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Some Americans take "keeping up with the Joneses" to a different level when it comes to the latest technology.

Often it's about having the item just to say they bought it rather than being certain they're getting their money's worth. This isn't the most sensible approach to purchasing new tech items, particularly televisions.

It's been noted that television sales have actually been declining in recent years.

Many families already own at least one high definition television. It's just not easy to justify the need to buy a new one.

The arrival of 4K TV and its eight million pixels (versus two million pixels displayed by typical HD TVs) should justify a trip to the store.

The problem is that the people running out to buy these television sets today aren't able to do so. One might even argue that they've been duped.

Buying a high definition television with a 1080p resolution can be more readily justified; there is a great deal of content presently available at that resolution.

There is a noted lack of 4K TV level content available for persons who take the initiative and spend thousands of dollars on these TVs right now.

It's highly likely that television channels and movies will eventually be readily broadcast in ultra high definition. Why not wait until after that happens to buy a 4K TV?

"Well when it finally happens, I'll be ready!"

Guess what? So were the people who bought the first plasma HDTVs for the prices that the 4K TVs currently run.

Meanwhile, those who waited for prices to drop and HD content to become the standard paid anywhere from one half to one tenth what they did.

As the saying goes, "Patience is a virtue".

When certain technologies stick around long enough to evolve, prices will eventually slide downward into the realm of being easily afforded by the general public.

When this happens for 4K TVs a few years from now, the wider availability of higher resolution television content will make buying these television sets perfectly logical.

4K TV is a promising new television format. Just be smart enough to spend money to enjoy it when there's enough content available to get the most out of the experience!

Besides, it's always inevitable that something bigger and better will come along.

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