4chan, Purveyor Of Fine Internet Culture, Hits One Billion Posts

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With all the attention focused on Reddit and the disappointing Digg reboot, we tend to forget one of the leading pioneers in making the Internet a better/worse place to live. Thanks to 4chan and its often wonderful /b/ board, we were exposed to a lot of firsts. The site just announced that it's still one of the biggest influences on the Internet and has the numbers to prove it.

It's pretty impressive that 4chan has been able to weather the Internet for this long. Chans come and go with many not attracting the loyal fanbase that 4chan has. Sure, a lot of people left 4chan for other places like Reddit, but it's still one of the best/worst places on the Internet. It's come a long way since the days of people gathering around to talk about forced memes and OP being a you-know-what.

Speaking of memes, that's the number one reason that we should be thankful for the continued existence of 4chan. Despite how you feel about /b/ and the rest of the site, they were instrumental in spreading popular memes like Lolcats and Rickrolls. Reddit can complain all they want about 9GAG stealing their content, but Reddit stole their content from 4chan first.

We also can't forget that 4chan reportedly gave birth to Anonymous. Without them around, my and other tech writers' jobs would be a lot more boring. You may not agree with their actions, but Anonymous is like 4chan personified. It's chaotic in a way that only the Internet can provide.

In an Internet with limitless options, it's nice to see one of the major contributors to the culture still holding on and thriving. Even though it may seem like I'm saying nice things about them, you should stay away. Seriously, never go to /b/. You're better off going to the WTF subreddit.

[h/t: The Verge]

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