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4 Steps to Becoming Twitter Famous With Devumi

Commissioned news story (Source: Devumi) If you’re looking to take your Twitter game to the next level, you’re going to need next-level tactics. Big name celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Ashto...
4 Steps to Becoming Twitter Famous With Devumi
Written by Staff
  • Commissioned news story (Source: Devumi)

    If you’re looking to take your Twitter game to the next level, you’re going to need next-level tactics. Big name celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Ashton Kutcher didn’t get their fame overnight – they used cutting edge strategies to boost their social standing and grow an empire. If you want to follow in their footsteps, here are four simple steps on how to begin your meteoric rise.

    Step 1 – Understand Social Proof

    Social Proof is the concept behind the incredible success of so many notable figures. While a subtle and often overlooked principle, it remains the most important to understand and incorporate – especially if you’re looking to build credibility on Twitter.

    People are far more likely to respect and engage with you if you’ve already positioned yourself as an expert, influencer or authority. If tens of thousands of other people already follow you and trust what you say – there’s no need for you to explain yourself. Social Proof dictates that you are already a popular and trustworthy source, and people will treat you accordingly.

    CoinCrack ran an interesting case study that demonstrated this perfectly. Over the course of 30 days, two Twitter accounts ran the same outreach campaign, posting schedule and content. One account grew 32% faster than the other however. The difference? Social Proof. The winning account had been pre-boosted with a number of purchased Twitter followers. This demonstrates the effectiveness of social proof. More people decided to follow the bigger account based on nothing other than what they thought was its apparent authority.

    Step 2 – Buy Twitter Followers

    Social Proof is powerful. A 32% growth is nothing to sneeze at, but if you’re looking to become Twitter famous you’ll need more than an abstract principle. How can you leverage this knowledge into a tangible advantage?

    Buy Twitter Followers.

    It’s as simple as that. While purchasing followers isn’t going to be the right option for everyone, you’re not just anyone. You’re looking to play with the big dogs, build a HUGE following and become Twitter famous.


    The important thing to consider when looking to buy Twitter followers is the quality of the company you choose. The last thing you want is for your Twitter to be swamped with low-quality “egg” followers or to lose followers just days after getting them. This can set off alarm bells both for Twitter and for your potential followers. Work with a reputable company like Devumi and trust that they’ve got your back. The best part? Devumi can offer you as many as TWO MILLION followers to boost your social proof. Imagine the impact of that.

    Step 3 – Auto Engagements

    Why stop with followers? Make your entire account and all of your content seem incredibly popular at all times with Auto-Engagements. A recent study by Georgia Tech proves that the second most-influencing factor in determining follower acquisition is the tweet/retweet ratio visible on their profile (with a 4.5x relative effectiveness!)


    If your goal is to launch your growth as quickly as possible – getting an army of users automatically retweeting and favoriting everything you tweet is an incredible weapon in your arsenal. Retweets from other users also boost your tweets exposure by both directly from their followers and in Twitter search where you’ll receive top tweet status and gain higher rankings for up to several days (compared to just a few seconds or minutes most users experience). With a heightened sense of popularity and additional exposure, new followers are going to be drawn to you account and tweets – leading to further growth in organic social proof.

    Step 4 – Further Promotion

    You’ve now boosted your Twitter profile with a ton of popularity – your content is irresistibly attractive to interested new users and you’re going to experience growth like never before. You could stop here and let internet nature take its course – you’re already ahead of 99% of Twitter users. You’re not a quitter though, are you?

    Didn’t think so. You’ve built this incredible perception surrounding your account – now it’s time to leverage all of that into the massive growth you’re expecting. Devumi offers an influencer marketing service called Sponsored Mentions as an add-on to their Twitter Followers service. Imagine having hundreds of thousands or millions of potential followers told to follow you by targeted influencers they know and trust. That’s the service that Devumi provides. For a minor cost, you can have your Twitter account promoted by powerful influencers in your industry reaching up to TWENTY FIVE MILLION users.


    Boosting your account via Sponsored Mentions is one of the easiest and most effective growth methods available. You’re letting other industry figures do the work for you. They’ve created a captive audience – interested in the same niche as you – and are now using that to your advantage. You get to cut through the noise and clearly present yourself to a captive audience of potential followers – all while setting yourself up for success via your Klout score. Imagine executing this entire social campaign enough that you become an industry influencer.

    Further promotion and marketing of your Twitter account will further help leverage your social proof and attract even more genuine followers. You can prominently display your Twitter account (and massive follower count) on your website or blog – turning visitors into followers while simultaneously helping boost your website’s reputation. You can guest post on other blogs with links back to your Twitter. You can even use Twitter Ads to promote your Twitter and experience better conversions as a result of your already massive following. These are just some of dozens of tactics you can take on to gain more followers.

    Knowledge is Power

    You now have the knowledge and tools you need to succeed on Twitter. The incorporation of social proof into a Twitter marketing strategy will make rapid organic growth, previously known only to big-time influencers, celebrities and companies, your norm. Devumi can help you get there with their three amazing Twitter services. After that, it’s up to you to use your newfound social proof wisely for the good of your account and brand with a smart marketing strategy.

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