3Dsimo Is The Future Proof 3D Printer Pen

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Earlier this year, a 3D printer pen called the 3Doodler took to Kickstarter asking for a modest $30,000. As it turns out, people really liked the idea of being able to create 3D printed objects with only a pen and the project ended up raising over $2.3 million. Now another 3D printer pen is asking for your support, but don't think it's just a carbon copy of the 3Doodler.

Say hello to the 3Dsimo - a 3D printing pen that acts as a multi-material digital 3D printer. In other words, it supports almost every major material used in 3D printers today, such as ABS, PLA, PVA and nylon. It also sports a digital display that allows you to customize a number of parameters, including temperature customization.

The 3Dsimo team also claims that its pen is future proof in that it will be able to support any new materials that are introduced in the future. It supports the standard 1.75 mm width that's used in 3D printers today, and a user's ability to customize its internal temperature will ensure that it can melt almost any new materials.

So, how much will the 3Dsimo set you back? Right now, the team is offering the full retail package, which includes then pen, three ABS strings and 3 PLA strings, for $75. After they sell through 100 of these packages, the price goes up to $85. If you're really into the 3Dsimo, you can pay $1,499 to get 20 3Dsimo pens to share or even sell.

The team's Indiegogo campaign just started, but they've managed to raise a little over $2,000 of their requested $20,000 goal. Even if they don't reach that goal, they will get all the funds raised between now and when the campaign ends on November 11.

[h/t: 3ders] [Image: 3Dsimo/Indiegogo]