3D Printers Are Changing The Classroom

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Last week, we took a look at how 3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing in the United States. Before it can do that, however, it needs people who know how to use the technology. That's where education comes in.

The folks at Online Degrees recently created an infographic that shows how 3D printing will have a profound impact on the future of education. Of course, the most obvious benefit will be for design students using 3D printers to bring their creations to life. That being said, pretty much every discipline will be able to benefit from 3D printing in the future.

Of course, 3D printers and expensive, and schools are having to slash budgets. That's where the innovative entrepreneurs comes in. A recent Kickstarter was offering two 3D printers for only $700. The goal was to get as many of these things into schools as possible. Unfortunately, the project wasn't able to meet it's funding goal. An equally exciting cheap 3D printing project, the 3Doodler, has recently smashed its funding goal, however, and could prove extremely useful in certain disciplines.

3D Printers Are Changing The Classroom

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