Amanda Bynes Acting Paranoid And Strange In New York

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Amanda Bynes is back to her crazy ways and unfortunately, seems to be undoing any progress she has made over the last few months. Bynes was arrested last week for DUI and was allegedly under the influence of an unidentified drug at the time of her arrest.

She was taken to jail and released on bond and is now in New York City, where she is allegedly acting paranoid, talking to inanimate objects and herself, and sporting a bandage on her face.

Bynes has not released a statement about the arrest or her recent behavior, and it is not known what triggered her alleged mental break. Bynes was released from rehab to her parents last December and had been doing really well.

She was looking healthier, seemed happy and was not drinking or smoking marijuana. Bynes was even attending fashion school, something she had always wanted to do.

After information about her recent DUI became public, sources came forward and told TMZ that Bynes had been acting strange in school over the last few months and was even kicked out because of her bad behavior.

The source claimed that she would cheat on tests, act bizarre in class and even try to pay people to do her classwork and assignments.

In the past, Bynes' reps have denied that she has any mental disorders or has ever used any drugs besides marijuana, which she stopped using after her last arrest.

Bynes' parents played an integral part in her progress, but if she is no longer in their care, she may be resorting back to her old ways.

Do you think Bynes will get the help she needs and what could be causing her to act so strangely?

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