37 Years Of SNL In One Infographic, We Miss You Phil Hartman!

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37 seasons of Saturday Night Live; it's hard to imagine a show could stay successful for so long, while never fundamentally changing its structure. Sure, they've thrown a few loops here and there, but SNL has always been just about the same since its inception. From the original episode with George Carlin, to the Betty White hosted episode that was fueled by a Facebook campaign.

This infographic will give readers my age a fond remembrance of Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, which hopefully leads to your reenacting of 'da Bears' and 'Celebrity Jeopardy' scenes. While the parents of those readers will scoff at the 90's and tell you how Chevy Chase, Aykroyd, Murray, and Belushi killed it back in the 70's.

No matter the generation, you'll be amazed by just how many people have starred in the show, and just how many of them you won't recognize. I also learned Robert Downey Jr. had a short stint on SNL as well.


Via: CableTv.com

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