Prince Harry Attends Wedding Party And Polo Match

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Prince Harry seems like the epitome of class and composure, but even a prince needs to have some fun and let go every now and then. According to sources, that is exactly what happened at a friend’s wedding party over the weekend.

The party lasted all weekend and took place at the secluded five-star Chateau Bela hotel in Slovakia. During the party, Prince Harry allegedly drank so much that he passed out at the bar and lost his phone and wallet.

A waiter who served the prince said, “The bar was open all night, and they just ordered Bloody Marys, ten, 11, at a time. It was so busy. Harry also liked rum and Coke, and he ordered vodka as well.”

When he wasn’t drinking or sleeping, Prince Harry was getting close with the ladies. He was seen flirting and getting friendly with a mystery girl at the bar and also spent some time with his ex-girlfriend, Chelsey Davis.

Once the weekend started to come to an end, the prince decided he had other things to do besides drink, and moved on to beat his older brother Prince William at a game of polo.

Prince William also had a reason to celebrate this weekend, as he turned 32. His birthday celebration was a little more modest than Harry’s wedding fun and Prince William chose to have a private party with his family.

Both princes spent Sunday afternoon competing against each other in the June Goldin Group Charity Cup at Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire.

Harry’s team won both polo matches, but the brothers seemed to be having fun and although they are known to be competitive, they got along great during and after the games.

"Even though Harry won, both brothers seemed on really good form," a spectator at the event said. "They were still chatting and laughing together after the match, I think Prince William took the defeat well.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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