Los Angeles Earthquake: Stars React, Viral Video

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Residents in Los Angeles had a surprise awakening for St. Patrick's Day when a earthquake rattled the city before dawn.

The 4.4-magnitude quake, dubbed the Shamrock Shake, was centered 2 miles from Encino and 15 miles west-northwest of the downtown civic center, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Robert Graves, a USGS seismologist, said it was a "typical" Southern California quake and expected little to no damage.

Local news anchors Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson of KTLA-TV were caught off-guard when the quake struck during their live broadcast. The video of their reaction has already gone viral and it's no wonder — it's hilarious.

Seriously funny!

Schauble quickly changed his twitter profile pic and tweeted his adventures.

Seems like the first reaction of celebrities was to grab their phones to tweet their experiences to the Twitterverse.

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