3 Killed In "Honor Crime" In Egypt

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Authorities in Luxor, Egypt say that ten men are accused of beating a woman and her two daughters to death in what they call an "honor killing" after the women were accused of infidelity.

The women were reportedly beaten with sharp objects and strangled before their bodies were wrapped in sheets, weighted with stones, and thrown into the Nile River. At least one of the men has been arrested and is in custody; police are searching for the remaining suspects. So far, only one of the women has been found.

The man who was arrested on Thursday freely admitted to the murders and said they'd done it to protect their family's honor because the women were accused of having affairs.

Despite being against Egyptian law, these so-called "honor killings" are rampant in the Middle East. Last year, a husband and wife were thrown in jail in Pakistan after they murdered their 15-year old daughter by throwing acid on her. They said it was because she dishonored their family by looking at a boy.

In recent months, as violence against women grows more and more tension in the Middle East, females are starting to speak out about their rights, especially when it comes to sexual violence.

Amanda Crum
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