3-Alarm Wedding Fire: Sad, But Love Wins Over All

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In one of the worst cases of Wedding Omens ever, flames burst through a Massachusetts building where a wedding couple just completed their vows, destroying it and forcing 150 guests to flee the scene.

Local news sources are keeping the names of the couple private, and for good reason-- one, they don't deserve the ridicule and two, their wedding symbolizes the end of a historic site that held hundreds of the town's events since 1906.

The culprit of the crime was pretty much one of the worst things that could be the blame-- a cigarette was tossed on the mulch and somehow ignited the three-alarm fire. Flames burst through the roof of the Lakeview Pavilion last night, and the couple is reportedly devastated about the incident.

The fire from that one cigarette escalated very quickly; Fire Chief Steven Bagley said, "The fire appeared to be spreading not only up the wall but through the ceilings and through a good part of the structure…it’s an old building with an old wooden frame.” There were also no sprinklers for the building and no nearby supply, but the fire department was able to use a nearby pond to remedy the issue. The building, unfortunately, is still up to be demolished after sustaining so much damage.

Man and Wife to-bes are now scrambling to find somewhere else to marry in very short periods; elaborate plans have to be suddenly changed since the building that was traditionally the first and sometimes only option for the town is now destroyed. While a sad case indeed, we are grateful that no injuries and casualties have marred the couple's happiest day of their lives, despite the unfortunate incident. It is not clear who tossed the offending cigarette.

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