"2K" Smartphone Shipments to be Limited in 2014

IT Management

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TV manufacturers are feeling giddy over the chance that ultra HD TVs could raise demand for new TV sets. This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was filled with "4K" (and even "8K") displays from nearly every tech manufacturer.

At the same time, PC manufacturers are hoping that Ultra HD displays will spur notebook and desktop PC sales before mobile devices are able to catch up. Unfortunately for them, analysts are already predicting "2K" and higher-resolutions displays for mobile devices in the coming quarters.

The mobile industry won't be flooded with ultra HD devices just yet, though. A new DigiTimes Research report today predicted that the 2K mobile display market will be slow during 2014. This is based on its belief that low yield rates and a small manufacturing infrastructure capacity will simply limit the number of higher-resolution panels that can be shipped throughout the year.

With the ultra HD hype in full swing during CES many industry watchers anticipated that new devices coming in the spring from large brands would sport 2K or higher displays. This turned out to be wrong as new high-end devices from Samsung, LG, and Sony were all recently announced to have normal HD displays.

As manufacturing capacity improves brands will be able to include higher-resolution displays in their high-end devices as standard. According to DigiTimes this could happen as early as the second half of this year as quickly-rising Chinese brands look to improve their lower shipment counts with higher-quality features such as ultra HD displays.