Serena Williams: AP Athlete of the Year for 3rd Time

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It has just been announced by the Associated Press that the powerful tennis player and one of the most ferocious competitors in any sport has won her third The Associate Press Female Athlete of the Year award.

Serena Williams received 55 out of 96 votes, and left the rest of the athletes to fight over her scraps-- The runner-up for the award, Britney Griner, came in second with 14 votes.

Williams acquired the number one spot in the Women's Tennis Association, and remains there as we write. Her winning percentages, titles and winning streaks this year rival greats in recent years, namely, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf and of course-- her sister Venus.
These numbers weren't the only thing that got her chosen; WTA Chairman Stacey Allaster speaks of a game victory that helped move her back to the number one spot after a row of injuries:

You could see the joy, the tears of joy. It meant so much to her, from everything she had been through, to be able to be back at the top of the sport, a sport that she does truly love.

Serena's clear love of the sport has impressed officials and fans of the sport alike:

This is Williams' third time being chosen for this honor, which makes her the third highest woman to be chosen for this coveted recognition.

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