Gravity Film Gives Sandra Bullock A Boost

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Sandra Bullock, star of the film Gravity says that doing the film with director Alfonso Cuaron was “the best life decision I think I ever made.” After her Oscar-winning performance in “The Blind Side,” Bullock had decide to take a break from acting to focus on her son, but agreed to come back to film Gravity.

“What I got out of it personally outweighed everything else,” Bullock said in an interview. “I’m glad I got to meet the human being — Alfonso — that led me to say, ‘OK, let me investigate if I can even do this.’”

Bullock said she was reluctant to leave her son to do the filming but said that Cuaron reassured her she wouldn’t miss anything.

“It has to be a great time for my son. I can’t miss him. If I miss him, I will be of no use to you,’” Bullock recalled telling Cuaron and producers. “‘You know, he’s just learning how to walk. So guess what’s going to happen? I have to go! He’s taking steps!’ But they made it so (nice for Louis). It was a family film. Everyone had kids. So everyone knew the value of that. So they said, ‘If we make it amazing for him right where you are, will you be OK?’ And I said, ‘yeah.’”

The film has gotten positive reviews and it is likely Bullock will be nominated for best actress Oscar nomination, but she says she had some difficulty during filming.

“You’re frustrated because you can’t accomplish something. There’s no control. I was always out of my element,” she said. “I learned so much on a daily basis. And I just went wow, isn’t that funny how being miserable every day physically and then emotionally because of work then turns — makes you open to whatever is coming your way.”

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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