24% Of Young Techies Will Buy the New iPad [STUDY]

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Apple's new iPad hot off to a hot start, selling three million units in its first four days on the market. As of last Friday, the new tablet is now available in 35 countries around the world. And according to new research, Apple should see pretty awesome sales of the device in the next few months.

According to a survey from Baird Equity Research, 24% of U.S. respondents said that they plan on buying the new iPad within the next 3 months.

And an even larger percentage of international respondents say they'll grab the device - 29%. Fifteen percent of U.S. buyers and 22% of international buyers said that they plan on getting a discounted iPad 2 instead.

The researchers admit that the study, which took responses from 488 people, "catered to a younger, tech-savvier group on average." So while these results might not be the most representative of the population as a whole, they do tell Apple that a key demographic is pretty excited about the new device. The figures aren't that far off a poll done before the tablet actually launched, where 29% of those surveyed said they planned on buying the new iPad.

Among current iPad owners, the desire to own the new model is even stronger. Almost half (48%) of those respondents said that they plan on upgrading to the new iPad. 35% of those surveyed already owned an iPad 2.

So, why do these young techies wants the new iPad. According to the report, it's all about the Retina Display (28%) and the A5X processor (26%).

As I mentioned earlier, Apple's iPad has sold well considering a few hiccups. Earlier this month, reports emerged that the iPad was severely overheating. Apple responded and said that their tablet was operating within their thermal specifications. Today, we learned that the new iPad's heat issues might not be that odd in the tablet world. On top of that, there have been accusations of Wi-Fi reception issues as well as issues with the device not being fully charged when it says it is.

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