2014 Super Bowl Halftime Show Recap

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The Super Bowl has come and gone and the halftime show was an absolute hit. Not only did Bruno Mars kill it, the Red Hot Chili Peppers added a little extra spice (no pun intended) to the entertaining show.

The show started as the stadium's lights shut off in a trickling effect. The second the lights were out, the audience erupted with hyped-up applause. Mars was sitting in the middle of the field on a moving stand playing the drums. It was the perfect buildup to an already anticipated show.

The singer slowly met the stage and began into the first number of the performance. His gold sequined jacket lit the stage perfectly as he slid smoothly across it along with his backup dancers. They continued to move in unison as he pumped the audience up even more.

It was a fast-paced performance that was high energy and loads of fun-complete with the splits courtesy of Mars.

As Mars continued to sing, he seamlessly threw in some Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics informally welcoming the band to the stage. The Chili Peppers soared up through the stage like a bunch of bandits ready to cause havoc.

Bare-chested the boys took over the stage like a bunch of wild pirates ready to party. Unfortunately the length of their stay was limited to one song.

Closing the performance, Mars went into "Just The Way You Are" introduced by a video tribute from soldiers to their loved ones. The song ended with Mars singing the ballad with strength and intensity as fireworks exploded in the background.

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