16 and Pregnant Airs First Episode Of Season 5

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The fifth season of the MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant aired last night, Monday, April 16, and it featured a girl by the name of Maddy, who got pregnant after a one night stand.

In the episode, Maddy and her child's father, Cody Jensen, go on their first date while Maddy is still pregnant, and right away they start arguing about the baby's last name.

Jensen says the unborn child--which is a girl-- should have his last name, since he'll be their for her, and it'll also make it easier for the family if he and Maddy end up together.

But 16-year-old Maddy disagrees with this reasoning, and unlike many of the previous teens on the show, she's not focused on being Jensen's girlfriend--she's more focused on the two raising their daughter separately.

Since the taping of that episode, Maddy spoke with Us Weekly about what it was like to be pregnant after a one night stand, as her daughter Aubrey Lynn was born on Oct. 20.

"I think I was more terrified than anything else," she said. "Just because I knew my life was gonna change. I didn't know how to tell my parents, and I knew I couldn't support a baby myself. It was worse because me and Cody didn't know each other at all. The first day we met was when I got pregnant."

And has Jensen stepped up since the taping of the first episode? Maddy says no, and while he was there for her for a brief period of time, he disappeared right after the baby was born.

"He'd be out partying while I was at home crying my eyes out because I was so lonely and didn't know what to do," said Maddy. "And then I finally talked to him about it, and I had a breakdown and he saw me cry in person, and then he started stepping up a little bit more and helping out...But then once [Aubrey] was born, he just stopped coming around."

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