Robot Rumble/Dance-Off at RoboGames 2012


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Every year robots from around the world come to San Fancisco, California to compete in the worlds largest robot competition, the RoboGames. Robots compete in over 50 events including combat, hockey, walking humanoids, fire-fighting, and sumo.

The event is open to anyone and everyone, as long as you have a robot. You will most likely be ostracized for getting a little person or child to dress up like a robot and trying to compete, so don't even try. An "Awesome-o" would be pretty easy to distinguish, since most of these creations are only a couple feet tall.

This years competition took place over the weekend, and some videos are already cropping up to recap the action.

This video is of a robot rumble competition from Robot Team Japan. It looks more like a dance competition to me...

Skip to 5:06 for some killer dance moves from the Mexican wrestler robot.

Robots also play soccer. Although, I wouldn't call it soccer, so much as falling down and getting back up repeatedly. Which they are very good at.

Probably the most useful robot in the whole competition... Foosball robot.