12-Foot African Python Found In Bathroom

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What would you do if you walked in your bathroom and encountered a 12-foot African python? Tough question right? Well, this is exactly what happened to Veronica Rodriguez.

Veronica, who lives in College Station, Texas, was having a day like any other, when she heard something thrashing around making tons of noise. "I was on the phone with my mom and I kept hearing noises in the back," she said. She walked through her house and checked the bedrooms, but found nothing. The noises continued and she finally decided to check the bathroom, where she had bathed her daughter's pet guinea pigs earlier that day.

When she flipped on the light, Veronica was absolutely horrified at what she saw ... a 12-foot python slithering into her bathtub. "As soon as I turned on the light, that's when I saw it. It was crawling into my tub. It was a huge scare," Veronica said, and then added that she was still shaken up over a week later.

So, how did the snake get into her house? Veronica, a single mother, was home alone while her daughter was at work, when she decided to give their three guinea pigs a bath. After bathing each one, Veronica said she would take them outside to dry off in a pinned in area, and would leave the door open afterwards for two to three minutes.

After finding the snake, Veronica slammed the door and ran outside. She called 911 and officer Tony Gonzales arrived shortly after. "When the officer showed up, he came with a brown paper sack," she explained. "I told him, 'you're going to need a bigger sack than that.'"

Gonzales said that he had been called out for snakes before, but never one that large. "When I opened her bathroom door, there was a 12-foot python," Gonzales said. "I didn't know what I was going to do with a snake that large."

Gonzales called for back up and two more officers, including an animal control officer, arrived. The three officers managed to get the snake into a city trash can, but noted that it was very aggressive and did not want to go in. The snake was left near the side of Veronica's home until the next morning when animal control picked it up.

The snake was transported to a reptile rescue facility and was later claimed by its owner.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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