$100K Raised by Code Hero Developers Through Kickstarter

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Coding is not fun for most people, and one of the most frustrating parts of coding is learning how to do it! Several sites such as Code Academy try to teach people in a fairly simple way, but Primer Labs has devised a thrilling, yet educational way to get involved: Code Hero! Primer Labs official website says it perfectly: "Code Hero is a game that teaches you how to save the world with a code gun that shoots Javascript." The problem became funding, so they pushed the project to the worlds largest funding platform, Kickstarter, to help. You may know Kickstarter as the company that helped Tim Schafer get the funding for his new game.

Tasked with the goal of reaching the $100,000 mark, the internet community went head first in supporting this venture. Through sites such as Reddit, the objective was easily reached and then surpassed, so much so that the boys at Primer Labs put a new goal in front of their supporters. $200,000 for an MMO Multiverse in addition to the single player version. While they didn't reach their new goal in the allotted time, some big name gaming celebrities are on board with their support so I imagine that they will be successful.

I absolutely LOVE the Kickstarter (game dev) surge that has been happening. So exciting to see the new projects!
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Code Hero teaches you how to code in JavaScript in a first person shooter format similar to the game Portal from developer Valve. Instead of traditional controls, the game uses commands such as (HitObject.rigidbody.AddForce(transform.forward*5000000)) to kill things.

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