100,000 Killer Bees Attack Tampa Park Workers

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The ABC New affiliate in Tampa Bay, Florida is reporting that two public park workers were attacked by as many as 100,000 Africanized honeybees - also known as killer bees.

The report states that two park employees were removing a pile of rubbish from Picnic Island Park using a payloader when the attack occurred. The pair flipped over an old tire that hadn't been moved for years and angered the aggressive bees. One of the workers was stung over 60 times and the other endured more than 100 stings before fleeing into a nearby building.

According to ABC, both of the men were admitted to a local hospital where they were treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Luckily, neither of them seem to have been highly allergic to bee stings.

Africanized bees are an agressive breed of bee that have been spreading north into the U.S. since the early 90s. In addition to being able to take over the hives of western honey bees, killer bees swarm more often and are able to travel further than other bees.

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