10-Year-Old Found Alive Following Kidnapping


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A young girl who was kidnapped from her L.A.-area bedroom has been found alive.

The Associated Press is reporting that the girl was spotted wandering around a Northridge coffee shop in a white t-shirt and no shoes by someone who had seen her in local reports about her abduction. Her face was reported to have cuts and bruises, and she was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The girl's parents stated that they last saw her just before midnight. They reported her missing just before 4 am.

According to the AP report, the girl told police that two men entered her bedroom in the early morning hours of March 28 and kidnapped her. She stated that she was held in an abandoned house near her home for most of the day.

Police are now investigating the incident but are also emphasizing that these types of kidnappings are rare, and that there probably isn't a serial kidnapper in the area.